Meet Trudy

Tru-D SmartUVC
Total Room Disinfection

Smart. Safe. SmartUVC

With Tru-D SmartUVC, or Trudy for short, viruses don’t stand a chance. Using patented technology, Trudy goes beyond conventional cleaning ensuring the entire room is disinfected every time – destroying pathogens at the cellular level. 

The UVC Robot with a Brain.

One Cycle. One Position. All Surfaces.

Trudy is the only “smart” UV disinfection robot with patented Sensor360® technology. By measuring the reflected UVC energy that bounces back to the robot, Trudy is able to provide the precise, lethal dose of UVC needed for thorough room disinfection.

Compensating for size, shape, geometry, and contents, Trudy takes the appropriate time necessary to disinfect every room, eliminating the possibility of human error in the disinfection process.

360° Coverage
One Cycle
15-35 Minutes
Total Room Disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of light, invisible to the human eye, that exists on the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light. We are exposed to low levels of UV light from the sun’s rays every day, although much of the UV energy is absorbed by the ozone layer.

The Difference Trudy Makes

Total UVC Disinfection is superior to Partial Room disinfection because it covers far more surfaces. Check out the example diagram to see the difference in disinfection coverage.

Before After
MRSA Longeivty

Did you know MRSA can survive on surfaces up to 2.5 months?

Why Every Surface Matters

Germs and pathogens can live anywhere which is why every surface should be a priority when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. 

One study found that after routine hospital cleanings, 18% of sites under bedside tables remained contaminated with MRSA. After disinfection with Trudy, 0% of sites were still contaminated (P <0.001). Individual hospital results may vary.

Contaminated with MRSA after routine cleaning%
Contaminated with MRSA after disinfection with Tru-D
0 % 0%

Donskey, CJ, MD, BMC Infectious Diseases 2010

Covid-19 Killer

COVID-19 has been proven to live on surfaces for an extended period of time. Trudy is ready to combat the COVID-19 virus as well as many other germs and pathogens.  Trudy is a vital piece of our total disinfection practices creating the best level of protection for our patients.

Trudy disinfection kills germs and pathogens including:

COVID-19 On Surfaces?

Coronaviruses can live on surfaces for hours, even days without proper disinfection.