Meet Rey

Advanced Radiation Oncology

Rey On. | Cancer Off.

Rey’s TrueBeam radiation technology helps the Roswell Park affiliated physicians at Oneida Health target a tumor with extreme accuracy, delivering a precision dose of radiation to cancer cells. The treatment is noninvasive — no incisions and no knives. It’s fast, too. Most treatments take just minutes a day.  

Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Without The Cutting.

Cancer cells live to spread. Stop them from reproducing and they die. 

Rey’s TrueBeam technology produces angled, precision doses of radiation that disrupt the cancer cell’s ability to replicate themselves. The treatment is noninvasive — no incisions and no knives. 

Fast, Just Minutes
Extremely Accurate
Unique Precision

Rotation Precision Targeting

During treatment, Rey will rotate around the patient to deliver radiation to the exact location needed. Not only does this kill the bad cells, but it spares more of the good ones too. 


Why is TrueBeam so powerful against cancer?

This powerful cancer treatment technology automatically synchronizes dose delivery, beam shaping, and treatment angles, performing internal accuracy checks every ten milliseconds. With fine-tuned precision, it can even compensate for tumor movement as the patient breathes.

Used in 8 of the top 10 U.S. Cancer Hospitals*

*As rated in US News & World Report’s 2016-17 “Best Hospitals for Cancer”


There is no incision or surgery with TrueBeam and no post-surgery recovery period. Rey provides noninvasive cancer treatment.


The ability to deliver higher doses of radiation at great speed allows most treatments to be given in just minutes a day.


A highly sophisticated system that allows doctors to “see” the tumor they’re treating in real-time for precision targeting


Used for radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Rey can treat cancers in challenging places like the head, lungs, breast, abdomen, and liver.


Rey can accurately match the size and form of most tumors regardless of their shape using a device called a multileaf collimator


It's so quiet you can listen to music. CCTV lets the therapist view treatment while 2-way audio lets you talk to one another.