Meet Holmes

Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT

Faster, More Accurate Imaging

Holmes is a Biograph mCT imaging system designed to produce accurate high-resolution images of the inside of your body. It sees what other technologies cannot.

Advanced dose-reduction technology and fast imaging times allow for increased speed and lower radiation doses. Plus, the system features a wide opening and table as well as a short tunnel, making the patient experience more comfortable and less claustrophobic.

Increased Speed
lower radiation doses
less claustrophobic
Wide Open Spaces

The extra-large bore size means more room for the patient.

Open Design For More Space

A large 78 cm bore, short 135 cm tunnel and 227 kg (500 lb) table capacity support the examination of a heavier patient population, allows for easier patient positioning, offers space for additional therapy accessories and helps increase patient comfort.

2X Faster Exams

Holmes features FlowMotion continuous bed motion and TrueV1, which increases the axial field of view to enable two times faster scans or half the injected dose without compromising image quality. 

Improved Image Quality

Other available features like time of flight1 show up to 200% improvement in signal to-noise ratio2 for better image quality, lower dose or faster scan speed.

One Machine, Multiple Solutions

Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy

Holmes offers superb visualization of the tiniest cancer lesions. Its advanced software provides exquisite molecular clarity, the finest image accuracy, and precise localization. This allows your physicians to better detect, characterize, and monitor various stages of your disease. In other words, with better imaging comes better diagnosis and therapy planning.

Wide Bore For Obese Patients

Biograph mCT offers larger patients the opportunity to receive high-quality care in a comfortable exam environment. With a large opening (78 cm in diameter) and a wide table, Holmes can accommodate patients of all sizes up to 500 lbs.